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The International Symposium on Fuels and Lubricants (ISFL) series of symposia is held biennially with the objective of providing a common platform for sharing the latest developments, exchange ideas and forge new business relationships. This symposium also showcases the progress and advancement of Indian fuels and lubricants industry.

12th Symposium in the series, ISFL-2021 will be organized during March 15-17, 2021. The theme of this symposium is "Emerging trends in Fuels and Lubricants – BS VI & Beyond". This symposium will focus on the needs and solutions for Fuels and Lubricants beyond BS VI. Special emphasis will be given to energy efficient lubricants required for meeting CAFÉ norms and environmental issues. In addition to the above, novel additives, novel refinery processes / catalysts for producing cleaner fuels meeting BS-VI specifications, alternative fuels etc will also be discussed. Accordingly, technical sessions will be planned on the utilization of gaseous fuels like LPG & natural gas (CNG & LNG), hydrogen (production, storage, transportation and applications including fuel cells etc.) and bio-fuels. Like the previous ones, this symposium is also expected to be attended by more than 400 delegates from petroleum industry, auto manufactures, and environmentalists and from other allied industries.

About the organizer - ISFL Society

Based on a general consensus ISFL Society has been registered with the name "Indian Society for Fuels and Lubricants" having headquarters at Indian Oil Corporation Limited, R&D Centre, Faridabad, during 2010. This Society is a non-profit organization for encouraging and tracking the technological advances in the area of fuels lubricants through the organization of workshops, industry meet, educational courses etc. Another mandate of the society is to organize biennially ISFL Symposium. the current Executive Committee of the ISFL Society has decided to organize the 12th International Symposium of Fuels and Lubricants-ISFL-2021 jointly with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., R&D Centre.